New Tools

Create your website without programming



This modern gallery is built for online editing. Photos can be uploaded or modified directly from a smartphone or tablet without opening your whole project file.



The new blog integrates itself perfectly into the personalized graphics of your website. You can add posts via the web from anywhere.This is the simplest way to bring your site to life.



This powerful element allows you to define dynamic blocks within your site, modifiable from anywhere and any web browser.




Each slideshow can contain images, text, buttons and videos.


Simplify navigation in your mobile site.

List View

A different and efficient new way to present lots of information.


Buttons with hundreds of icons, help users recognize actions without reading.



The new ready to use form is 100% personalizable.



An innovative and handy way to present information


Get Social


Your visitors can add likes, recommendations and comments.


Allows you to add twitter feeds to your site. Your visitors can see the twitter feed even if they don't have twitter accounts.



Insert a YouTube video in your site. Only the video is shown.


Google Map

This new tool can map and show directions, show Street View, plan a route or give a terrain view of the planet.


A Simple Intuitive Interface

Create as many mobile sites as you like and host them wherever you like.

With a visual interface similar to WebCreator, you will create a specially adapted mobile site in your image. No need to understand programming with MobileCreator's simple intuitive interface.


Having a mobile-friendly website is a vital necessity

Quickly and easily create a professional mobile site

These days it is indispensable to have a website appropriate for smartphones and tablets. MobileCreator was developed to allow you to easily create a specially adapted site that integrates perfectly with your current website.


Google requires you to have a mobile site


Since last April, Google's ranking algorithm reduces the rank of sites that don't have a mobile version.


Harmonized Website and Mobile Site


MobileCreator 2 and WebCreator 7 are made for one another

MobileCreator was developed to work perfectly with WebCreator 7. The mobile version uses the same color palettes and the same web services. The two sites update at the same time, from anywhere. The mobile site is hosted in a subdomain of the main site and users are automatically shown the right one depending on the device.


Video Tutorials

Get to know MobileCreator

Introduction and Overview

Models and projects

Alignment and containers

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Includes a 1 year subscription to web services (Gallery, Blog et Cloud)


MobileCreator 2

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