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What does "one payment" mean?

It means that, when you buy WebCreator Xpress, you get a permanent license. No subscription, no supplements for additional features, in short, no surprises!

Can I choose my own web host?

Yes, of course! You can use your own hosting provider or select one of the packages provided by LMSOFT.

Is the mobile version of my site included?

Always ! The mobile site is automatically generated from the desktop site, and can even be improved afterwards.

Are there predefined templates?

Yes, there are many! In addition, all our models are fully editable, and can be customized as much as you want.

What do you mean by "website success guaranteed"?

We have designed WebCreator Xpress so that you can easily succeed your website project, with or without our support. If you need advice or help, our experts are available at all times to help you. Technical concern, lack of inspiration, general advice ... We are here! We will not build the site for you, but we'll never let you down, guaranteed.

Can I export a site created in WebCreator Xpress to HTML?

Of course! However, you will not be able to modify it with WebCreator Xpress later.

Are there any additional charges for using WebCreator Xpress?

Absolutely not ! No hidden fees, no ads, no supplements for additional features, in short, no surprises! You get everything you need to get started from the first day.

Can I make secure transactions with WebCreator Xpress?

Yes ! WebCreator Xpress allows transactions with Paypal.