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WebCreator - Website Editor
WebCreator - Website Editor
MobileCreator - Mobile Website Editor
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Your online image is important

Our philosophy has shown its worth. Take advantage.

Our publishers incorporate tools for creating advanced graphics: transparency, shadows and endless color palettes. No need to install extra plugins and no need for programming.


Our products are easy to use for everyone. For less than 10€ a month you have everything you need.



Show your creativity without the need for any programmig. Host your site with LMSoft or anywhere you like. Have complete freedom and control over your website.


The complete suite of tools for your website

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Discover why WebCreator is the number one website publisher in France. Start your site today!

WebCreator 7

With MobileCreator 2, create a mobile version of your website easily.

MobileCreator 2

With FTP Site Manager 2 managing and transfering your website is easy. Start making your life easier.

FTP Site Manager 2

Need hosting to get your website on-line? Our hosting solution is made with you in mind.


Template Creator  

Create a customized template with a couple of clicks.

Your website needs to reflect you. With TemplateCreator you can choose the style and the images that define you. Millions of combination are available with a couple of mouse clicks.

A photo, a texture,a color. Customize your website's background.


By changing the transparency you get your own unique result.


Thousands of color palettes to adapt to your project.

Color palette

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