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WebCreator - Premium Website Editor
WebCreator - Premium Website Editor
WebCreator - Premium Website Editor
MobileCreator - Mobile Website Editor
FTPSiteManager - FTP Site Manager
WebCreator - Hosting plans with us
WebCreator - Create a website with WebCreator


Create a website yourself

Simple, without programming



With our templates generated from TemplateCreator, create a unique design of your liking. There are limitless possibilities.



Add or modify content you wish to have without the need to program with our easy-to-use WebCreator 7.2. It is as simple as drag and drop.

Web Services

Easy updates

Update your website without the need to be at your computer. Simply connect through our online Web Services and update your content.

Unrestrained creativity

That you start from a template or from a blank page, the tools provided by WebCreator are intuitive and fully modifiable.  It manages anything from all the elements found on a page to all the pages that you have in your website. Everything is here.


Create as many website that you want. Share access to our online Web Services to your peers to allow them to edit your content on-the-fly.

Host anywhere

Your website and domain name are your properties. You have the right to decide to get it hosted anywhere you want. Mobile websites will be hosted at the same place.

A sense of community

Since 1984, LMSOFT offers user-friendly tools for Web creation. Millions of pages were created by thousands of users that forms our friendly and helpful community.


The complete suite of tools for your website

Discover our most popular products


Discover why WebCreator is the number one website publisher in France. Start your site today!

WebCreator 7

$96 US


With MobileCreator 2, create a mobile version of your website easily.

MobileCreator 2

$42.95 US

FTP Site Manager

With FTP Site Manager 2 managing and transfering your website is easy. Start making your life easier.

FTP Site Manager 2

$19.95 US


Need hosting to get your website on-line? Our hosting solution is made with you in mind.


Starting from

$3.33 US / Month

Got questions?

For questions about our products or packages don't hesitate to get in touch