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WebCreator 7

Premium Website Publisher

WebCreator 7

Premium Website Publisher

WebCreator 7

Premium Website Publisher

WebCreator 7

Premium Website Publisher

WebCreator 7

Premium Website Publisher

New Version, New Tools

WebCreator 7 offers you a new HTML 5 compliant toolkit




Get Social

WebCreator enters the Cloud with new web services that make updating a part of your site easier without having to open the whole project. Anyone can make changes or updates right from their smart-phone, tablet or computer. Online now!

Web Services

This modern gallery is built for online editing. Photos can be uploaded or modified directly from a smart-phone or tablet without opening your whole project file.

Photo Gallery


The new blog integrates itself perfectly into the personalised graphics of your website. You can add posts via the web from anywhere.This is the simplest way to bring your site to life.



This powerful element allows you to define dynamic blocks within your site, modifiable from anywhere and any web browser.



Totally redesigned: direct integration of panels that can contain any element available in WebCreator.

Tools to present information dynamically

More than just images, slideshows can contain text, buttons, videos or any other element available in WebCreator.



Organize information with tabs to lighten-up your pages. Vistors can choose the information they want to see.


tab control

An innovative and handy way to present information



A perfect way to show extra information with the ability of launching other actions like sending a form or proceeding to the checkout.



A new generation of menus and buttons, rethought and reworked. A couple clicks can give a fresh new look to your site. This is a new, more powerful and more intuitive version.

Modern versions of the basic toolkit

New up-to-date styles, easy to configure and resize.



New graphical style, with more than a hundred vector icons that make their functions evident without having to read a manual.



The new form object includes pre-assembled templates to save you time without compromising on originality.



Today's websites must be able to communicate with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Can a visitor call  you directly from your site or plan a route to your location? WebCreator 7 does all this, and as always without any programming.

Open your site to social networking and Google tools

Your visitors can add likes, recommendations and comments.



Allows you to add Twitter feeds to your site. Your visitors can see the Twitter feed even if they don't have Twitter accounts.



Insert a YouTube video in your site. Only the video is shown.



This new tool can show directions, terrain view, Street View  and plan routes.

Google Maps


A Professional Site Without Programming

Incredible time savings in comparison to traditional techniques

WebCreator integrates powerful graphical tools to make a pro site, including gradients, shadows, rounded corners, and limitless color palettes. Everything can be done visually without any programming or plugins. But we won't hold you back if you know how; code can be added easily in the advanced options. It's the best of both worlds.


The element tab, unique to each element, shows the element's properties.


Element properties

For easy access to all the elements on the page. Useful for complex pages.

Element tree


Save, preview your site and access the other pages in your project...

Frequent shortcuts

Everything you need for a professional site.

Element panel

The most important tools to get started.

The menu bar


A Dynamic and Collaborative Site

Updating your site is easy with LMSOFT's Web Services


Take a photo with your smartphone and add it to your site, modify a blog post on the fly, change a product description... from anywhere, at anytime, without opening your project file. All you need is a device with a web browser to access Web Services.

Take a photo and add it to your gallery immediately. No need to open the whole project on your computer.


Photo gallery


An all new blog that you can update with text and photos on the fly and from any device that has a browser.



This powerful element allows you to define dynamic blocks in the website so that you can modify them from any web browser.

Cloud Elements


Millions of Combinations

Define your model and create a unique site in your image

Limitless personalisation of models in a couple of clicks: no programming, no CSS or other language to learn. You can include all or part of a model or browse through them for inspiration and create one from scratch. No other editor offers you so many options.


Transparency, shadows, rounded corners... Give depth to your site.


Add some effects

Flexible palettes in order to adapt the models to your company's exact colors.

Choose your colors


A photo, a texture, a pattern, cutomise your background.

Change the background


Google Downgrades the Ranks of Sites That Don't Have a Mobile Version

Create your mobile site with MobileCreator


Now more than ever it is important to have a website adapted to smartphones and tablets. MobileCreator was created to allow you to easily create a site perfectly adapted for mobile that visually matches your existing website.

Host Your Site Wherever You Like

No obligation to hosting with LMSOFT

You are entirely free to host your site wherever you like. If you don't already have hosting, check out LMSOFT's high quality hosting solutions. Unlike our competitors, nothing forces you to use our hosting services. If you are happy with your current hosting, nothing prevents you from continuing with your current provider. If you would like to switch, we'll be happy to help you transfer your domain.


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...

Make your website dynamic with social networks

Today's websites interact with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. Clients want to be able to call you directly from your site, get directions to you with Google Maps. WebCreator 7 offers you all of this and always without programming.


Conversion of Previous Projects Guaranteed!

WebCreator 7 can read projects created in WebCreator 5 & 6.

If you have projects created with previous versions, our technicians will ensure the conversion to version 7 for you. It's guaranteed !


You're Never Alone!

Many different resources to help you


The LMSOFT community brings together tens of thousands of users. Take advantage of more experienced users on the FORUM who can give you excellent advice whether you're just starting out or are looking for the answer to a specific question. Our tutorials and our support team are always ready.

Packages Adapted to Your Needs

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WebCreator 7



WebCreator 7

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WebCreator 7


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