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Web Creator 5 Pro.

Try the new version of Web Creator Pro today, and
easily create professional quality sites! See for
yourself the projects you can create using Web Creator 5 Pro's
intuitive interface and powerful editing tools.
All new features!

- Template Creator™: Create your own template right now!
- Button Creator™: Create your own 2D, 3D, and designer buttons!
- Line Creator™: Create elegant divider lines between the sections of a page!
- Box Creator™: Quickly create banners or boxes to set apart and highlight elements on your site! (Doing this manually would require hours of work with complex computer graphics tools.)
- Menu Creator™: Easily create nagivation menus: horizontal, vertical, or even menus containing submenus.
- Flash Video: All of your videos and animations can be converted and displayed on your site using Flash.

Web Creator 5 Pro always provides you with tools designed for creating and managing large sites.

- Web Objects: Use external code to import and position forums,
a guestbook, etc. Or make your site into an e-commerce store. Web Creator is compatible with PayPal!
- Password protection
- Forms with DATAFORM service and anti-SPAM protection included!
- Javascript HTML import using an editing tab
- RSS/Podcast generator

Web Tools:

- SiteMap Generator: New Yahoo, Google, and MSN referencing tool.
- Blog and Calendar: Easy-to-use blog generator
- RSS Feed: The generator makes it easy to create an RSS feed to
update the blog.

And Still:
- Quick access bar for library elements and favorite elements
- Text Editor: RTF format, support for every language of the world,
table import, graphics, and formatted text.
- Detachable floating menus
And More!
  WebElixir Integration: Checks spelling, grammar,
and broken links on the online site.
100% compatible with Antidote.
FTP Site Manager
A simple, yet powerful utility for putting your site
Connect to your site's web host, and see the files and folders it
contains in a single folder. You can then copy to
and from the web servers by selecting files and folders and then
clicking on the arrows between the two panels.
It's as simple as that!
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FTP Site Manager.