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WebCreator - Create a Website

A Simple and Powerful Tool

See what's on your servers. No more mysteries.

With FTP Site Manager 2 you can easily transfer and manage your sites.

Avoid clogging-up your server with old version and files.

Select files and folders on your computer and the server and click on the arrows between the two panels.

Download / Upload

Connect to your host's server and see all the files and folder like a normal folder.

Server Connection


Drag-and-drop from any local folder.

Configure and save settings to make connecting to your server faster.

Integrates automatically with WebCreator and replaces the basic tool.

Copy a full website or transfer files individually.

Take Advantage of a Special Offer

Don't wait to get FTP SiteManager 2

$19.95 (US)

FTP SiteManager 2

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